Veep Goofs

All goofs from the hit HBO show "Veep"

S01E03 - Catherine (Goofs)

When Selina fist-bumps Dan, Mike can be seen walking away from the group behind them. In the next shot, though, Mike is still there and hasn't moved.

In the beginning of the episode, during Selina and Gary's brief exchange about a dog, every time the camera angle changes, the iPad is flipped.

S01E05 - Nicknames (Goofs)

When Dan and Jonah go out for lunch, the server brings them a large breadbasket. As he places the basket in front of them, one piece of bread falls out but in the next shot all pieces of bread are perfectly placed in the basket.

S02E05 - Helsinki (Goofs)

When Dan comes down to the hotel lobby to speak to the journalists, he is wearing a white dress shirt with a red tie. After the scene cuts to the reporters and back to him, he is wearing a gray dress shirt with a striped gray tie.

S02E06 - Andrew (Goofs)

In the morning scene,after the birthday party, Selina comes out from her office holding the Washington post. There is a cheat sheet of her lines taped to the page she is reading from.

S02E08 - First Response (Goofs)

In the interview Selina is seen holding a telescope which points one way then another in her hand.

In the interview with Selina, Janet is empty-handed in one shot then is seen holding the telescope in the next.

S03E04 - Clovis (Goofs)

During the meeting in the Clovis conference room, set in Silicon Valley, steady snowfall can be seen through the windows.

S04E10 - Election Night (Goofs)

About ten minutes in, Caffrey's bag of potato chips keeps turning round (look for the white seam running vertically up the middle of the back).

S05E01 - Morning After (Goofs)

In the scene after Selina's speech, the onscreen CNN headline reads: "Fourth largest market drop ever as President address nation." The word "address" should probably read "addresses".