Veep Notes and Trivia

All notes and trivia from the hit HBO show "Veep"

S01E06 - Baseball (Notes and Trivia)

Patrick Fischler, who plays Ken the photographer, is Julia Louis-Dreyfus's brother-in-law, being married to Lauren Bowles, her half-sister.

S01E08 - Tears (Notes and Trivia)

When the final episode of Season 1 aired, HBO had already renewed Veep for a second season on April 30th 2012.

S02E08 - First Response (Notes and Trivia)

Allison Janney shot all of her part in 2 days.

The graph Dan shows Amy is actually incorrectly drawn. While he was attempting to show that over time Selina's career has gone downward, the graph actually shows that as time increases, so does her career.

S02E09 - Running (Notes and Trivia)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus says she ad libbed the line, in the scene where she's heavily doped up, when she suddenly being delighted to discover she can say Jonah's name backwards.

The scene where where Selina walks through a glass door is based on the same real-life accident incurred by the show's creator Armando Iannucci. Filming the tricky scene involved using tempered glass, plexiglass, and crew members dropping fake rubber glass from above onto Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

S03E03 - Alicia (Notes and Trivia)

In this episode Selina Meyer is the subject of a Saturday Night Live sketch. In reality Julia Louis-Dreyfus was a cast member on SNL for three seasons (1982-85).

S03E07 - Special Relationship (Notes and Trivia)

This episode was nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

S03E10 - New Hampshire (Notes and Trivia)

When Gary and Selina are laughing hysterically at the news that Selina will become president, Selina searches through Gary's bag and finds a book titled "Bicycles." Selina asks Gary, "Why is there a bicycle book?" Gary's response is, "I love bicycles!" Hovever it should be noted, the book is actually a poetry collection, not an actual bicycle book.

S04E08 - B/ill (Notes and Trivia)

There is a reference to Banksy's film "Exit Through the Gift Shop" when Dan Egan had followed the Congressman Pierce to the gift shop and told him to exit the shop.

S04E09 - Testimony (Notes and Trivia)

The whole episode was filmed in one day, going from set to set.

This episode was nominated for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series.

S04E10 - Election Night (Notes and Trivia)

This episode won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

S05E01 - Morning After (Notes and Trivia)

Morgan Smith, who played Candi Caruso, is better known as "Red", the Wendy's spokesperson.

S05E04 - Mother (Notes and Trivia)

Lauren Bowles, who played Monica, is Julia Louis-Dreyfus' half-sister (on her mother's side). She has also appeared with Louis-Dreyfus in programs such as "Seinfeld" as a waitress in the diner, "he New Adventures of Old Christine" and "Watching Ellie".

S05E06 - C**tgate (Notes and Trivia)

Brad Hall, the director of this episode, is married to Julia Louis-Dreyfus in real life.