Veep Quotes

Bill Ericsson: What is Gary doing? Trying to max out America?
Ben: Wow. Who knew they made lampshades out of unobtanium.
Patty: Okay, I will not hear a single bad word said about my friend Gary, but yeah! Yeah, he is out of control!
Ben: Did you see the cost of the dinner?
Bil Ericsson: This'll sting us; make us look decadent and remote.
Ben: Said the Princeton grad in the Valentino tux.
Sue: Does the president need to know she has a lot on her plate right now? No pun intended.
Bill Ericsson: That her bagman spends like a Babylonian king? Yes, I think so!
Ben: Well, you can tell her. She likes you.
Bill Ericsson: And I plan on keeping it that way, so I'll leave it to you.
Ben: Sue, would you like to tell the president?
Sue: Er, no I would not, but thank you for thinking of me.
Ben: (to Patty) You have a pretty good relationship with the president don't you? You guys talk--
Patty: (faking her phone ringing) Beep-boop-beep-boop. Hello? Yeah? Hi.

Quote from S04E02 - East Wing

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