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Dan: Sir?
Ben: Yes?
Dan: The HIV girl.
Ben: Yes?
Dan: The one that the president mentioned in the CBS interview.
Ben: Yes?
Dan: Alright, well, some people on Reddit put the details together and now the whole town knows who she is.
Ben: F**k! You know, I preferred when the Internet was just AltaVista and that little Star Wars kid! Dd we definitely out this girl?
Dan: Yeah.
Ben: Shit!
Dan: Only her doctor and her principal knew, now parents are keeping their kids home from school 'cause they don't want them to, quote, "catch AIDS."
Ben: Oh, there's a town with no Gay Pride parade or a goddamn library!
Bill Ericsson: Where did this data come from? How did we get her medical records, and why didn't we ask her parent's permission?
Ben: Oh thank you, Question Man! You've just saved the entire city! Or did you?
Mike: This is catching fire like a gas station in a Michael Bay movie.
Dan: What's our line here? Do we tell the president?
Ben: No! She's gonna panic! We gotta find out more facts, aright? Bozos, disassemble!

Quote from S04E03 - Data

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