Veep Quotes

Whitman: And at 6:00 P.M. tomorrow, every vote in this state will be counted and certified.
Richard: Well, not every vote. Funny thing about elections, historically there've always been leftover ballots. Sometimes up to 16 percent end up missing or thrown out.
Whitman: Is that what this is about? I'm so sorry for... The missing ballots in Washoe County. We looked all over for them, came up empty, so best of luck to you. And if you do happen to find as much as one new vote, we'll see you in court.
Richard: Thank you.
Amy: Holy bacon double Asperger's. How did you do that?
Richard: I'm sorry, what? Amy, what are your top five favorite De Niro movies? And you can't say "Meet the Parents" 'cause that's automatically number one.
Amy: (on the phone) Kent, it's Washoe County. Don't ask me how I know.

Quote from S05E03 - The Eagle

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