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Ben: Who do you think said it?
Amy: Well, we did. Me and Mike.
Ben: Oh, my God. I thought it was me.
Mike: No way.
Ben: No, I'm pretty sure I called her a c**t to the reporter who broke the story.
(Kent enters)
Kent: Amy, it's probable that your investigation has already determined that I was the one that called her a c**t. I'm hoping that my utility to the organization gives you reason to protect me on this. Also our friendship.
(Gary enters)
Gary: Hey, Ben?
Ben: Gary.
Gary: It was me. I called the president the C word.
Ben: No, you didn't.
Amy: Really?
Gary: I was so mad about her not wearing sunscreen, which is stupid, and I was like, "What an old crone."
Amy: A what?
Gary: An old crone, Amy.
Amy: Gary, C is for c**t.
Gary: What?
Amy: We all called her a c**t.
Gary: Oh, my God! What is wrong with you people?

Quote from S05E06 - C**tgate

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