Veep Quotes

Dan: (on the phone) Ma'am, Jonah shot himself in the foot.
Selina: Oh, my God. What did he do this time?
Dan: No, he literally shot himself in the foot. We're in the ER.
Amy: Turn on CNN, ma'am. It's on right now.
Selina: Turn on the...
Jonah: (on TV) These are the woods where I used to hunt with my stepfather. And he taught me the proper...(GUNSHOT) (SCREAMING)
Mike: Jesus! Oh, my God.
Jonah: I'm okay.
Ben: (laughing)
Selina: Oh, my God. It's not funny, Ben.
Ben: (still laughing) I know, it's terrible.

Quote from S05E08 - Camp David

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