Veep Quotes

Gary: You f**kers. How dare you? That magnificent woman counted on you and you losers let her down.
Dan: (on the phone) Yeah, I got to call you back. Something amazing is happening.
Gary: All you f**king cared about was your stupid, bad selves. Your numbers your numbers are garbage. Your speeches, garbage. And you're supposed to give her advice? Is that right? All I heard was dumb, stupid I don't know what the f**k it was. Garbage?
Tom: Gary...
Gary: Oh, shut up! You screwed her the worst. In all the ways. (laughing) Oh, I know I know you make fun of me and I know that you think that I'm funny and I'm funny, ha, ha, ha. Well, at least I cared. I did my job! I f**king cared!
Ben: Well, that just kind of made this whole year worth it.

Quote from S05E10 - Inauguration

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