Veep - Season 1

You got the nuclear codes in these buddy?
S01E01 Fundraiser - 22-Apr-12
VP Selina Meyer wants to make the implementation of a Clean Jobs Commission her main legacy, but then a Tweet from a staffer annoys the plastics industry, she makes an offensive joke at a fundraiser, and her chief of staff forgetfully signs her own name on a condolence card for the wife of a senator who just died.
What, you work at the White House? Oh my god, can I blow you?
S01E02 Frozen Yoghurt - 29-Apr-12
A health scare temporarily allows VP Meyer to be commander-in-chief but delays her plan for a media meet-and-greet at the local yogurt store, showcasing a flavor named after her. She arrives to find only melting vanilla, stray bloggers, and some angry store owners.
What if it hits and we get a headline saying "Selina causing large scale devastation."
S01E03 Catherine - 6-May-12
The VP and her team discover that her appointee for the Clean Jobs Commission is unacceptable. As the party in celebration of her 20 years in politics approaches, Meyer worries about gossip that she's a diva, tries to figure out what kind of pet dog she should get, and deals with her daughter Catherine, visiting while on break from college.
I am gonna throw up a leg. And then I
S01E04 Chung - 13-May-12
Following an interview on Meet the Press, a slip of the tongue by Selina is misconstrued as a racist dig at one of her political rivals. The VP and her team go into recovery mode, trying to take the spotlight off Selina by visiting the sick and injured at a local hospital.
Viagra Prohibitor? Why, because when a guy
S01E05 Nicknames - 20-May-12
Bloggers' nicknames for Selina become her next obsession; Dan goes on a fact-finding mission after his boss is snubbed by the president; it's make-or-break time for the clean-jobs bill.
What? You think that as a woman I might sense some disturbance in the f**kin
S01E06 Baseball - 27-May-12
Selina hosts a conference to promote healthy eating at Baltimore's Camden Yards baseball park, but her pitch is balked at by some foul-tempered fast-food executives. Meanwhile, Mike holds a press briefing for local reporters; and Amy and Dan do their best to entertain students at an elementary school before the vice president arrives. Selina discovers she is pregnant.
S01E07 Full Disclosure - 3-Jun-12
With a rumor and personnel changes causing trouble, Selina decides that portions of all office correspondence will be available to the public. Later, she and Dan sever her connections to the Clean Jobs Bill and Selina threatens to fire someone.
Hey, approval ratings just came through. 66%... approve. Sorry, disapprove.
S01E08 Tears - 10-Jun-12
Selina visits Ohio to officially endorse a candidate for the governor, but he doesn't want the low-rated vice president's support. Dan may have to go to a congressional hearing for the Clean Jobs Bill. Mike and Amy decide to make use of Selina's emotional state.