Veep - Season 3

God bless you... et cetera.
S03E01 Some New Beginnings - 6-Apr-14
Selina starts looking for a campaign manager, even though she hasn't announced her plans to run for president publicly; at Mike's wedding, the team learns shocking news that could stand between Selina and the presidency.
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S03E02 The Choice - 13-Apr-14
Selina and her staff try to choose a side on a big issue; Jonah stirs chaos with his blog, angering Dan; Mike is called into work from his honeymoon.
My second marriage took place in the rain. You can see my nipples in all the photos. Boiiing.
S03E03 Alicia - 20-Apr-14
Selina is hours away from announcing her candidacy; Mike begs Jonah not to do an article on a recent outburst; Dan tries to get SNL to apologize for a sketch they did about Selina, but ends up making it worse.
Oh, you wanna do a "selfie"? I call that an "ussy".
S03E04 Clovis - 27-Apr-14
Selina and her staff take a trip to California where they visit the billion dollar tech-company of Clovis; Amy is offered a job; Jonah creates a video about Selina that goes viral; a rumor is spread about Chung by Dan.
S03E05 Fishing - 4-May-14
Amy and Dan compete for the role of campaign manager, while Selina meets with a third candidate, Ericsson (Diedrich Bader); Mike causes a stir collecting his semen while at work for IVF purposes; Gary worries that his shoulder pain may prevent him from keeping his job; Selina, Dan and Gary travel to Virginia to persuade George Maddox (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.) not to run for president.
 Jonah, come here. You know, sometimes I feel like there
S03E06 Detroit - 11-May-14
After an anti-gun rumor is spread, Selina goes to a gun show while in Detroit, but isn't happy when her daughter takes the spotlight after saving her from a protester; Gary recommends Selina his personal trainer, Ray (Christopher Meloni).
I have to say, this is just the most delightful place. I can imagine Harry Potter getting loaded in here.
S03E07 Special Relationship - 18-May-14
During a trip in London, Selina is bombarded with questions regarding the state of mind of Ray, whose online beliefs have been recovered by Jonah; Dan has a breakdown which could work in Amy's favor.
Rebranded!  What do we think? I love it.
S03E08 Debate - 1-Jun-14
The staff prepares for the debate between Selina and her rivals; Dan returns to the office after his panic attack; Gary inadvertently tells Wendy that Ray collaborated with Selina to make decisions.
S03E09 Crate - 8-Jun-14
After Selina is caught badmouthing a reporter, putting the campaign in jeopardy, the team gets some unexpected news. Mike worries about balancing his home and work life.
 God, can
S03E10 New Hampshire - 8-Jun-14
While Selina balances her unexpected Presidency with the New Hampshire primary, Dan pushes Jonah to take the blame for a catastrophic media revelation.