Veep - Season 6

You know what being an ex-president is like? It
S06E01 Omaha - 16-Apr-2017
One year after losing the presidency, Selina attempts to secure her legacy. Dan tries to ingratiate himself at his new job. Amy's brash D.C.-style personality proves too much for her new co-workers.
We need to tell them that the Kennedy Library is a reference point
S06E02 Library - 23-Apr-2017
Selina attends the opening of President Hughes' library. Jonah gets advice on how to rise in the political ranks; Dan suffers through Jane's (Margaret Colin) whims; Amy releases an attack ad.
You look absolutely radiant. Yes, your stay in the insane asylum has really agreed with you.
S06E03 Georgia - 30-Apr-2017
Selina helps monitor the first free and democratic election in Georgia - the country, not the state - and is reunited with an old "friend." Meanwhile, Mike and Gary hide evidence of a major mishap, and Jonah and Richard have an eventful night out. Back in the U.S., Dan tries to help Amy.
S06E04 Justice - 7-May-2017
Selina and her team attend the funeral of a Supreme Court justice. Amy works on securing a location for Selina's library. Dan tries to maintain his upswing with Jane, his co-host. Jonah finds an issue.
Trust me Amy, it was not the heart attack that depressed your dad.
S06E05 Chicklet - 14-May-2017
Selina settles on a location for her presidential library. Dan lands in a gossip column. Mike and Selina work on her book. Jonah tries to cement a big donation. Gary manages a mini-crisis at Madame Tussauds.
S06E06 Qatar - 21-May-2017
Selina visits Qatar. In D.C., Jonah gets a dinner invite. Dan receives an unexpected visit from an HR rep. Catherine and Marjorie have big news.
For your information we are called The Jeffersons, probably, and we
S06E07 Blurb - 28-May-2017
Selina tries to finish her book. Selina and her staff prepare for her portrait-unveiling ceremony, while Jonah tries to weasel his way onto the guest list. Dan works on his onscreen-chemistry problem.
Congressman you have accomplished more in one month than most extremely stupid people do in a lifetime.
S06E08 Judge - 11-Jun-2017
Selina takes a trip. Meanwhile, Dan woos Jonah in order to get a coveted interview, and Amy convinces Selina to put her in charge of a very disorganized Mike.
I can be very flirtatious.
S06E09 A Woman First - 18-Jun-2017
Selina's book finally arrives; Jonah has a big meeting; Dan, Ben and Kent grab a drink.
Selina: Marjorie! What do you think?
Marjorie: It looks like a vagina, ma
S06E10 Groundbreaking - 25-Jun-2017
Selina and her team prepare for the long-awaited groundbreaking of her library; Amy seeks clarity on her role; Jonah asks Dan, Ben and Kent for help.