S02E07 - Shutdown

No: 15  |   Season: 2   Episode:  |   Air Date: 2-Jun-13  

Gary, the Secret Service is calling you Girly Shirley Temple.Gary, the Secret Service is calling you Girly Shirley Temple.


Selina is forced to lay off some of her staff temporarily when the federal government is shutdown.

Director and Writers

Director: Becky Martin
Story by: Simon Blackwell & Tony Roche & Armando Iannucci
Teleplay by: Simon Blackwell & Tony Roche


Gary: It looks like it's between you and me. Without me, this office would implode.
Sue: Gary, the Secret Service is calling you 'Girly Shirley Temple', so you need to just cut it.

Gary: Are you going to the G8 conference in London?
Jonah: Yes, I am, Gary. Thank you for asking. Yes, I am. It is a city where women are literally drunk all day.

Selena: You know, Jim, you're a lot older than me. If you die within the next six years, I will be attending your funeral and giving a eulogy when POTUS sends me there in his stead. And it is going to be full of subtext, chock-full of subtext.
Jim Marwood: Well, I look forward to that. Oh, wait, I'll be dead.

Sue: It looks like the NASA guys had to reschedule.
Gary: Oh, crap, I wanted to meet the NASA guys.
Mike: Gary, they don't even walk on the moon any more. They're basically a bunch of nerds who work in in a hangar.

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StarringJulia Louis-DreyfusSelina Meyer
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