S03E09 - Crate

No: 27  |   Season: 3   Episode:  |   Air Date: 8-Jun-14  

II'm normal. I can be so folksy... doing the folksy thing with folks.


After Selina is caught badmouthing a reporter, putting the campaign in jeopardy, the team gets some unexpected news. Mike worries about balancing his home and work life.

Director and Writers

Director: Chris Addison
Story by: Armando Iannucci & Simon Blackwell & Georgia Pritchett
Teleplay by: Simon Blackwell & Georgia Pritchett


Jonah: I screwed up, Mom. I should've never joined Maddox. Now he's finished, and I've come home to die.
Jonah's mom: Well, can your DC friends help?
Jonah: I don't have any friends in DC, Mom. They all call me a dick behind my back. But like, right behind my back so I can hear them.

Jonah: Someone has just flown two planes into my career.

Amy: (on Thornhill) Listen to this idiot. They're not even soundbites, they're just sounds.
Dan: Yeah, but it works, though, that's the thing. I mean, he cornholed us in Iowa.
Ben: Well, that's appropriate. It's the Corn State.

Selina: Are you okay?
Kent: Kind of... in a way, and also not. In a third way, both.
Selina: What are you talking about? What is it? Are we at war?
Kent: Ma'am, we're America, we're always at war.

Dan: Amy, I gotta say, you're doing a great job. Seriously, you do me better that I do me.
Amy: You do yourself a lot.

Selina: Well, there's just... there's just no way out of this. I mean, you know, not for a sitting Vice President... who's lost Iowa and New Hampshire. You know what V.P. stands for? It stands for "victory permaf**ked." I don't deserve it. You know? Goddammit. I don't, but you do, because you are all losers! Every motherf**king one of you! (pointing to Amy and Gary) Loser! Loser!

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StarringJulia Louis-DreyfusSelina Meyer
StarringAnna ChlumskyAmy Brookheimer
StarringTony HaleGary Walsh
StarringReid ScottDan Egan
StarringTimothy SimonsJonah Ryan
StarringMatt WalshMike McLintock
StarringKevin DunnBen Cafferty
StarringSufe BradshawSue Wilson
Guest StarringGary ColeKent Davison
Guest StarringKathy NajimyWendy Keegan
Guest StarringDiedrich BaderBill Ericsson
Guest StarringNancy LenehanMs. Ryan
Guest StarringGlenn WrageJoe Thornhill
Guest StarringNicholas WymanQuincy Carter (as Nick Wyman)
Co-StarringAndrew Barth(as Andy Barth)
Co-StarringJulie-Ann ElliottJill
Co-StarringNayab HussainAlida
Co-StarringBolton Marsh
Co-StarringHez SurmatyFadi