S04E02 - East Wing

No: 30  |   Season: 4   Episode:  |   Air Date: 19-Apr-15  

Shine brightly. Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap.Shine brightly. Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap.


The President's staff prepares for her state visit with the Israeli Prime Minister. Mike tries out a new look for his more visible role. Teddy does Jonah a favor, while continuing to invade his personal space. Stuck in traffic with Richard, Amy learns via FaceTime that Selina is bringing in a new Director of Communications. Gary goes overboard while planning the state dinner for the Israeli delegation, and a painting in the White House comes under the spotlight.

Director and Writers

Director: Stephanie Laing
Story by: Armando Iannucci & Kevin Cecil & Roger Drew & Andy Riley
Teleplay by: Kevin Cecil & Roger Drew & Andy Riley


Selina: Who do you think you are? Gary Antoinette? Did somebody make you First Lady, because I don't remember marrying you Gary! I don't remember f**king you in Niagara Falls! I think I'd remember that!
Gary: Ma'am, I'm really sorry for the painting, and I'm really sorry for the spending, but you have to understand--
Selina: Oh, shut up! Just shut up! You are unimportant! And you have suckered onto me like some sort of a car window Garfield!
Gary: That is not true ma'am.
Selina: You think you're some sort of a big shot here? Oh, my God, you are not a big shot here, Gary! You're a middle-aged man who sanitizes my tweezers! God!
Gary: You're wrong.
Selina: Excuse me?!
Gary: When's Catherine's birthday?
Selina: June 8th--
Gary: Ninth.
Selina: Ninth!
Gary: Which senator's daughter's in rehab?
Selina: You're out of line, missy!
Gary: Geldray. What are you wearing tomorrow?
Selina: I don't know!
Gary: I do. I'm your calendar, I'm your Google, I'm your Wilson the volleyball!
Selina: No you're not!
Gary: Yes I am!!
Selina: NO YOU'RE NOT!
Gary: I have broken my body for you!
Selina: Oh, come on....
Gary: I've let myself be laughed at, I've let myself be humiliated, but I'm happy to do it! Most times, you don't even know that I exist, BUT I AM FU**ING EVERYTHING TO YOU!!
Selina: Oh, I am so happy to find somebody else to get me my hand cream!
Gary: Okay go!
Selina: Yeah!
Gary: Can you find somebody else who did what I did?!
(long pause, Gary's face turns to horror as realizes what he just implied)
Selina: You mean on Labor Day?
Gary: I didn't say that.
Selina: Yeah, you did, you ju- you just said 'Labor Day'.
Gary: I said I would never mention that ever.

Bill Ericsson: What is Gary doing? Trying to max out America?
Ben: Wow. Who knew they made lampshades out of unobtanium.
Patty: Okay, I will not hear a single bad word said about my friend Gary, but yeah! Yeah, he is out of control!
Ben: Did you see the cost of the dinner?
Bil Ericsson: This'll sting us; make us look decadent and remote.
Ben: Said the Princeton grad in the Valentino tux.
Sue: Does the president need to know she has a lot on her plate right now? No pun intended.
Bill Ericsson: That her bagman spends like a Babylonian king? Yes, I think so!
Ben: Well, you can tell her. She likes you.
Bill Ericsson: And I plan on keeping it that way, so I'll leave it to you.
Ben: Sue, would you like to tell the president?
Sue: Er, no I would not, but thank you for thinking of me.
Ben: (to Patty) You have a pretty good relationship with the president don't you? You guys talk--
Patty: (faking her phone ringing) Beep-boop-beep-boop. Hello? Yeah? Hi.

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StarringJulia Louis-DreyfusSelina Meyer
StarringAnna ChlumskyAmy Brookheimer
StarringTony HaleGary Walsh
StarringReid ScottDan Egan
StarringTimothy SimonsJonah Ryan
StarringMatt WalshMike McLintock
StarringKevin DunnBen Cafferty
StarringSufe BradshawSue Wilson
StarringGary ColeKent Davison
StarringSam RichardsonRichard Splett
Guest StarringPatton OswaltTeddy Sykes
Guest StarringDiedrich BaderBill Ericsson
Guest StarringJessie EnnisLeigh Patterson
Guest StarringPaul FitzgeraldOwen Pierce
Guest StarringZak OrthJim
Guest StarringPhil ReevesAndrew Doyle
Guest StarringSarah SutherlandCatherine Meyer
Guest StarringMichaela WatkinsPatty
Co-StarringBob Ari
Co-StarringSeth BarrishBen Haim
Co-StarringWinslow CorbettReporter
Co-StarringCaitlynn LearyWhite House Staffer
Co-StarringSteve Mones
Co-StarringCraig Rhodes
Co-StarringMarc UngerSean
Co-StarringAmy WilsonCongresswoman Angstrom
Co-StarringKat Wisener
Co-StarringKC WrightStaffer #2