S04E06 - Storms and Pancakes

No: 34  |   Season: 4   Episode:  |   Air Date: 17-May-15  

Yeah, I canYeah, I can't fall off, you know. I don't want to break a tit. They weren't cheap.


On the campaign trail, Selina is annoyed by press reaction to her running mate's effortless charm and decides to attend a pancake-brunch fundraiser without any of her team on hand to help. When news arrives that a major hurricane is about to hit North Carolina, it looks like it could be good news for her image. In DC, Amy tries to adjust to her new post-White House life, and Jonah gets bizarrely ambushed at what he thinks is a job interview.

Director and Writers

Director: Chris Addison
Story by: Georgia Pritchett & Will Smith
Teleplay by: Georgia Pritchett & Will Smith


Ben: It's like a morgue full of dead librarians.

Selina: I can't fall off, you know. I don't want to break a tit. They weren't cheap.

Selina: Your bike is a lot bigger than mine. I should be riding in a basket in the front like ET.

Mike: Great. Another hate text from Amy. "You looked sweaty on TV yesterday. Are you going through the change?"
Kent: I wish I understood vendettas. They're so time-consuming.

Selina: I'm going commando at tomorrow's pancake brunch.
Gary: What? No underwear?
Selina: What? No. Jesus Christ. Yeah, that'll win me the election. A nice shot of my beav.

Jonah: Jesus f**king Christ. You all look like me. This is a nightmare.

Mike: Okay, ma'am, what if you said this? Who's achin' for some bacon?
Selina: No.

Tom: Fun fact scopolamine was first used as a truth serum by the Czechoslovakian state police.
Mike: How is that fun?

Selina: Fun fact about the honeybee. Do you know how much honey a honeybee produces in its lifetime?
Beatrice: I do not.
Selina: Well it's either surprisingly little or surprisingly a lot.

Gary: You listen to me. You are Beyonce. He is backup bootie.

Tom: Sometimes you have to gamble. Unfortunately, our horse did not win.
Selina: No, it certainly didn't. It fell at the first fence and it got shot. And now some French f**ker's got it in a baguette.

Mike: Ma'am, we've also set up a tour of an egg plant. I mean a plant that packs eggs, not the big vegetable.

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StarringJulia Louis-DreyfusSelina Meyer
StarringAnna ChlumskyAmy Brookheimer
StarringTony HaleGary Walsh
StarringReid ScottDan Egan
StarringTimothy SimonsJonah Ryan
StarringMatt WalshMike McLintock
StarringKevin DunnBen Cafferty
StarringSufe BradshawSue Wilson
StarringGary ColeKent Davison
StarringSam RichardsonRichard Splett
Guest StarringHugh LaurieTom James
Guest StarringDiedrich BaderBill Ericsson
Guest StarringMary Catherine GarrisonSophie Brookheimer
Guest StarringPeter GroszSidney Purcell
Guest StarringPhil ReevesAndrew Doyle
Co-StarringEllen AdairReporter
Co-StarringJanet AndersonRuth Forrester (as Janet E. Anderson)
Co-StarringTiffani Barbour
Co-StarringShane Callahan
Co-StarringEddie Clark
Co-StarringJane Collins
Co-StarringAnne-Marie Cusson
Co-StarringKeith FineFactory Worker #1
Co-StarringRick Foucheux
Co-StarringJennifer Grace
Co-StarringMike HayesMel (as Mike Hartman)
Co-StarringJoy HaynesBitchy Woman
Co-StarringLeanne HaywardSupporter #3
Co-StarringTony D. Head1st Supporter (as Tony Head)
Co-StarringNina HodorukPOTUS Line Girl
Co-StarringRowan JosephBernie
Co-StarringChris KiesCongressman Edgar Hausman
Co-StarringJ. Emerson McGowanThe Chef
Co-StarringCarolyn MigniniGovernor Cecile
Co-StarringBrad MorrisPaul
Co-StarringLorrie OdomFactory Worker #3
Co-StarringVince Radolinski
Co-StarringAshley SmithTom's Line Guy
Co-StarringTalia ThiesfieldLawyer
Co-StarringVictoria VanceBeatrice Hausman
Co-StarringKaren Vicks
Co-StarringBabs Winn