S06E03 - Georgia

No: 51  |   Season: 6   Episode:  |   Air Date: 30-Apr-2017  

You look absolutely radiant. Yes, your stay in the insane asylum has really agreed with you.You look absolutely radiant. Yes, your stay in the insane asylum has really agreed with you.


Selina helps monitor the first free and democratic election in Georgia - the country, not the state - and is reunited with an old "friend." Meanwhile, Mike and Gary hide evidence of a major mishap, and Jonah and Richard have an eventful night out. Back in the U.S., Dan tries to help Amy.

Director and Writers

Director: Becky Martin
Story by: Billy Kimball
Teleplay by:


Man: Excuse me, it would be a great honor to introduce my daughter to the president of USA.
Selina: Hello! One day, you can grow up to be president.
Man: (to his daughter) No, not you! Your brother.

Jonah: This place sucks my ghost nard. Why couldn't you have gotten me on an international election watching trip to Hawaii?
Kent: Hawaii is rightfully a monarchy and will be again.

Jonah: Ooh, sex trafficking workshop.
Kent: It's an anti-sex trafficking workshop.
Jonah: Lame.

Ben: Look at us, just like the good, old days except shittier in every conceivable way.

Mike: Hey, hey, gang's all here. Maybe we can win an election for a change. That came out wrong.
Selina: Yeah, way wrong, right?

Ben: Secretary Doyle has picked you for elder statesman duty?
Gary: (aside) Jailbait statesman.

Selina: Congressman Ryan! I haven't spoken to you since the historic House vote. Yes, I just wanted to thank you for all that you've done for me, and I wanna let you know that I will destroy you in ways that are so creative, they will honor me for it at the Kennedy Center.

Jonah: I am gonna find ways to destroy you so hard that everybody at the Kennedy Center is gonna take a f**king massive shit.
Richard: It's really nice to see you.

Jonah: Hey, you wanna go monitor some dinner? I hear that horse is legal to eat here.

Dan: Ames, who's your favorite character on "Downton"?
Amy: I don't know. Abby, I guess.

Gary: Hey, ma'am, we have a situation with your hotel room.
Selina: What is it?
Gary: Your bidet is splashy and there's no terry cloth robe or shower cap.
Selina: Wait, you tested my bidet?

Jonah: Hi, what do you have that's like Spaghettios?

Gary: I went out to get a terry cloth robe and there was this crowd and I asked them where Nordstrom's was and then the next thing I know, they dyed my thumb and an old lady who smelled like cumin wouldn't stop hugging me!
Mike: Mine smelled like paprika.

Murman: I trust I have made myself suitably clear.
Selina: As clear as the coffee table Danny Thomas had his hookers sh** on. It's an American expression. Danny Thomas also founded the St.Jude's Hospital for Children, so.
Murman: Ah, yes, the yin and the yang.

Marjorie: If you could not ejaculate for the next 72 hours, that would be ideal.
Dan: Okay, uh, could we start the clock in, like, 30 minutes? ...actually, no, make it 40. The girl I'm thinking of likes to talk first.

Ben: That'll keep a lot of docents in Rockports.
Selina: I'd kill for a job where I could wear flats all day.

Selina: What about Georgian law?
Kent: There is literally no Georgian law. And I'm using "literally" correctly.

Minna: He has the soul of a poet.
Selina: Yeah, that and a car with a sunroof could've bought you my virginity in '83.

Minna: He weighted his boots and he jumped into an ice hole.
Selina: I'm so sorry, into what?
Minna: Into an ice hole. Like a hole they cut in the ice.

Selina: Eat the soup.
Gary: Why?
Selina: Because I'm hungry. I need to know if it's been poisoned.
Gary: Really?
Selina: Mm-hmm.
Gary: (stammering) I don't wanna do that.
Selina: Just a tiny, tiny taste.
Gary: (nervously slurps some soup) It's delicious.
Selina: Okay.
Gary: (to Mike) Is there anything happening to me?
Mike: I don't think so.
Selina: Oh, it has carrots in it. I'm not gonna eat that.

Minna: What did you think of Nikolai? Can I be uncharacteristically blunt with you? The poison? It did not engorge only his face, if you know what I mean. It also engorged his penis and made it very unusual texture of sea cucumber, so it's great for vaginal orgasms.

Selina: Oh, this is not gonna stand. This election's going down like Eleanor Roosevelt at Dinah Shore Weekend.

Selina: You're just in the middle of what we in America call...
Minna: A difficult situation...
Selina: ...a f**k fog.
Minna: Yes, and that as well. Yeah, in Finland, we call this the fever of the sausage.

Selina: I mean, honestly, that is the most grotesque country I have ever been to... and I have been all over Florida.

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