S06E10 - Groundbreaking

No: 58  |   Season: 6   Episode:  |   Air Date: 25-Jun-2017  

Selina: Marjorie! What do you think?
Marjorie: It looks like a vagina, maSelina: Marjorie! What do you think? Marjorie: It looks like a vagina, ma'am. Selina: See? Okay, that's from an expert. You know, this is what I said in the beginning.


Selina and her team prepare for the long-awaited groundbreaking of her library; Amy seeks clarity on her role; Jonah asks Dan, Ben and Kent for help.

Director and Writers

Director: David Mandel
Story by: David Mandel
Teleplay by:


Selina: Tonight, the voters of Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Texas, and the territory of Guam have said otherwise.
Mike: God, I really thought we were gonna win Guam.

Amy: Jesus, I need to get drunk and slop-fu** an intern.

Richard: The box is empty to show that all you need to be happy is right here.
Jonah: Well, that's stupid.
Richard: Yeah, it was a waste of $30.

Richard: I mean, you could petition for a recall if they weren't unconstitutional.
Jonah: Wait, can I petition for a recall against Ezra?
Richard: Unequivocally, no.
Jonah: That's a great idea. That's awesome.

Richard: Does a rabbit need a yearly vaccination for myxomatosis? It does. Well, maybe. It depends on the rabbit.

Jonah: Mom, can Richard stay the night?
Richard: Can I please, Mrs. Ryan?
Mrs. Ryan: Oh, sure! I'll make waffles for breakfast.
Jonah: Mom, I don't want waffles!

Catherine: Gary, are you sure that this isn't too much medication?
Selina: People think we're married.
Gary: I think it's the perfect amount.

Selina: (referring to Leon) He's like this demented creep who follows me around and gets all in my personal life and thinks about me 24-7 nonstop.
Gary: Cuckoo!

Amy: Now the staircase goes right up and smashes through the glass ceiling.
Selina: Exactly what it's like to be a woman.
Amy: Yes, and they're working on the engineering. They said it's a little unstable.
Selina: Yeah, also what it's like to be a woman.

Selina: Marjorie! What do you think?
Marjorie: It looks like a vagina, ma'am.
Selina: See? Okay, that's from an expert. You know, this is what I said in the beginning.
Gary: I'm not seeing that.
Selina: Well, you don't have any frame of reference.
Gary: What if you trim the topiary around the edge? That could help.
Selina: Nobody's gonna trim the topiary. I'm not a porn star.
Gary: You could be, but you chose politics.

Marjorie: Actually, ma'am, the female pleasure center is quite extensive.
Selina: Uh, no, it's not.

Catherine: You cannot build this library on the oppressed backs of the ancestors of my child!
Selina: (groaning) Listen to me, Catherine Kinte...

Selina: Blacks got the vote in 1870. When did women get the vote? 1920!
Gary: Sistas!

Selina: I am still a young woman.
Gary: Yes.
Selina: Really! Look at my hands...
Gary: Gorgeous.
Selina: Look at my neck...
Gary: Oh.

Selina: (referring to the crypt in her Presidential Library) I am not about to buried in a twat of my own making! I'm still relevant!

Ben: (to Amy) You know, we could really use you, Ames. Give us a little touch of the feminine.Kent: You and I could split those duties.

Catherine: Mom, I'm so glad my doctor cleared me to come today.
Selina: But you gotta be careful with that McLintock cervix of yours.
Marjorie: Oh, it's incompetent cervix, ma'am.
Selina: That's what I said, Marjorie.

Selina: Yale pulled out without even coming on my t**s? Things sure have changed since I went to college.

Amy: Last night, I dreamt that I removed Leon West's balls with an ice cream scoop and I think I actually came.
Selina: Is everything always ice cream with you?

Mike: The band is getting back together again!
Selina: Who cc'd Mike?
Mike: I get it, I'm Ringo.
Ben: No, Amy's Ringo. You're Mark David Chapman's bullet.

Selina: It's all Tibet! We are gonna ride that Dalai Lama like Mrs. Lama on book club night.

Selina: Whoo! Council Bluffs, lowa, here we are! Exactly 20 minutes from Omaha.
Kent: Not exactly.

Jonah: Two years ago, I stood right here in my old high school gym where I was chosen for many, many sports teams, surrounded by my family and my my friends to seek your support for Congress as the ultimate insider's outsider. And if there's one thing that you should know about me, Washington insiders, they didn't like me very much. So let's send them a message by shoving the guy that they hate the most right back in their faces. I am announcing my exploratory committee for the Presidency of the United States of America, which basically means I'm definitely running. God bless New Hampshire. God bless the United States of America and Puerto Rico if they can vote for president And God bless Jonah Ryan.

Mike: (school bell rings) Okay, perfect. Remember, three branches of government Judiciary, legislative, and there's a third. And if you wanna know something about government, watch this film "Air Force One." It's a good movie. Shows you what a president can do. Nice to meet you, and I'll see you guys Wednes... Tuesday.

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