Veep Quotes

Ben: So, uh, any other psychotic things we should know about you?
Tom: I think we should sterilize everyone in New Jersey.
Kent: Good idea!
Tom: I'm in favor of assisted dying to anyone who talks in a movie theatre...
Ben: That's forward thinking.
Tom: ...and I think we should legalise drugs.
Ben: Oh, yeah! I'll get the bong!
Tom: No, no, that last one, that's actually not a joke.
Jonah: (laughs) Set it up, knock it down! Tom James! (no-one else is laughing)
Tom: I'm serious. I think we should legalize drugs; having seeing what my son's been through, I think it's the only way.
Mike: F**k my face.
Kent: Okay, uh...
Mike: If this gets out, my life's hell!
Tom: Guys, guys! Everybody, calm down.
Bill Ericsson: Yeah, let's just smoke a doobie and pop some ludes(!)

Quote from S04E07 - Mommy Meyer

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