Veep Quotes

Kent: I cook these noodles every day.
Jonah: Oh, the noodle analogy. You guys are gonna love this. (Kent glares) I will leave.
Kent: They need to be heated at 800 watts for 3:35. Any more and they'll dry out, any less and they will be flaccid and damp like a lady's hair in the rain.
Amy: Why are we talking about noodles?
Ben: No, let me rephrase that. Why the f**k are we talking about noodles?
Kent: I'll tell you why. Hostage crisis, noodles, same principle. Both require precision timing, neither should be rushed. Inaction only becomes untenable when more than 65% of Americans support intervention even with casualties.
Amy: So you'd like me to tell the Vice President we do nothing until then?
Kent: Waiting is not doing nothing. I choose to wait for my noodles even though my salivary glands are crying out to me like newly hatched birds. But they will thank me because I waited until... (snaps his fingers at the exact same moment as the microwave dings)
Ben: You just timed out that whole shit analogy for your little ding? That is f**king pathetic.

Quote from S02E03 - Hostages

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