Veep - Season 4

Ladies be crying, pimps be dying. It
S04E01 Joint Session - 12-Apr-15
Twenty-four hours before Selina's first major speech as President, her staff frantically tries to work out how she can say two completely opposite things at the same time. Gary questions his worth now that he can no longer be close to Selina; Jonah is put off by the hands-on approach of the new VP's chief of staff, Teddy; Amy learns that Bill Ericsson, a rival campaign manager, may make a play for her job.
Shine brightly. Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap.
S04E02 East Wing - 19-Apr-15
The President's staff prepares for her state visit with the Israeli Prime Minister. Mike tries out a new look for his more visible role. Teddy does Jonah a favor, while continuing to invade his personal space. Stuck in traffic with Richard, Amy learns via FaceTime that Selina is bringing in a new Director of Communications. Gary goes overboard while planning the state dinner for the Israeli delegation, and a painting in the White House comes under the spotlight.
 I preferred the Internet when it was just AltaVista and that little Star Wars kid.
S04E03 Data - 26-Apr-15
When the personal details of a previously anonymous girl mentioned by the President are leaked, Selina's team tries to find a scapegoat for the data breach. Catherine tells Selina she wants to support an anti-bullying campaign; Dan tasks Jonah and Richard with buying fireworks for a campaign rally. While Mike is about to make a dreadful error at a press conference, the President hosts the annual Easter Egg Roll and reads a story to the assembled kids.
Oh yeah, oh yeah... you better cheer... for the President... of the year!
S04E04 Tehran - 3-May-15
As part of her Middle East peace-talks tour, President Meyer makes an historic trip to Iran, where an American reporter is being detained. Back in DC, Dan is wooed by lobbyist Sidney Purcell, while VP Doyle stands in for the President at a Rainbow Jersey event with a gay NBA star. Meanwhile, Kent's polling and Jonah's big mouth may cause trouble for Selina.
How hard is it to kiss somebody? You just put your head close to theirs, you let your lips touch, you know? Do I need to demonstrate this?
S04E05 Convention - 10-May-15
At the party convention, Selina and her staff scramble against the clock to avert a major internal crisis. Amy grows increasingly infuriated with the President's new advisor Karen, who is coaching a nervous Catherine on her First Daughter speech to the convention. Back in DC, Dan recruits Jonah and Richard to pose as influential Washington insiders.
Yeah, I can
S04E06 Storms and Pancakes - 17-May-15
On the campaign trail, Selina is annoyed by press reaction to her running mate's effortless charm and decides to attend a pancake-brunch fundraiser without any of her team on hand to help. When news arrives that a major hurricane is about to hit North Carolina, it looks like it could be good news for her image. In DC, Amy tries to adjust to her new post-White House life, and Jonah gets bizarrely ambushed at what he thinks is a job interview.
Yeah, it
S04E07 Mommy Meyer - 24-May-15
A dramatic incident in the White House leaves the President shaken, while Tom James's "mis-speak" at a Q&A looks like it could make her day even worse. As Mike tries to sell the press on Selina's Families First bill, Sue and Gary prepare for the President's White House dinner with old friends. Jonah and Richard inadvertently reveal a terrible secret, while Dan and Amy find themselves at a lobbying event for the concrete industry.
You know, at least three of these kids are probably mine.
S04E08 B/ill - 31-May-15
With the Families First Bill growing increasingly toxic, Gary sets up a clandestine meeting with Dan and Amy to persuade them to lobby against it. Meanwhile, Selina attempts to keep working while ill in bed with the flu. As the vote on Families First draws near, her staff work to ensure the deciding vote will go in their favor, as it becomes clear that victory or defeat lies in the hands of just one Congressman.
We have some extracts. J-Rock, Jizzy Gillespie, Jack and the Giant Jackoff, Gaylien, Tinker Balls, Wadzilla, One Erection.
S04E09 Testimony - 7-Jun-15
While Selina fields questions from the press, members of her staff testify before a congressional committee about whether the Families First vote was intentionally sabotaged - and who was really behind the data breach.
I only really know Amy as the woman who rushed everywhere clutching her phone like it contained her frozen embryos.
S04E10 Election Night - 14-Jun-15
On Election Night, Selina and her staff find their nerves growing frayed as each state result is called.